It may not be surprising to learn that borrowers who default on loans for cars and trucks often don’t leave their forwarding addresses. Indeed, locating the collateral used to secure consumer debt can be like finding a needle in a haystack — unless you enlist the experts at Greenwood Recovery, Inc. Our Baltimore-based professionals use a combination of asset tracing technology and effective, old-fashioned investigative techniques to track down property for financial institutions nationwide. Call us today at (410) 383-8000 with questions or to get started.

What’s Lost Is Found

Because Washington, D.C., is so transient, the U.S. Census Bureau says about 7 percent of the city’s residents lived elsewhere the previous year. It was crucial for our certified asset recovery specialists to become expert skip-tracers, finding delinquent debtors and missing collateral without much to go on. We start with the basics, visiting the debtor’s last known address and following up on any related leads, for example, but we also utilize more advanced methods to ensure we’re on the right track.

Rather than relying solely on the eagle eyes of our repossession agents, Greenwood Recovery dispatches specially equipped camera cars to traverse the roads of eastern Maryland, northern Virginia, Delaware, and Washington, D.C., scanning license plate numbers and recording their locations. Capable of reading as many as 30,000 plates a day, even on moving vehicles, the dual-recognition system feeds information to a database that signals us when a tag matches one of our open repossession orders. Our participation in the national Recovery Database Network and other industry portals allows us to access similar data from our colleagues across the country, expanding our reach and improving our results.

Expert Assistance

Fully compliant with the privacy standards established by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Greenwood Recovery, Inc. is committed to professionalism in everything we do. Our staff is fully-vetted, highly trained, and regularly updated on the latest industry regulations. For decades, financial institutions nationwide have trusted us to return value to their balance sheets with unparalleled asset tracing, collateral recovery, and vehicle remarketing services. Contact us today at (410) 383-8000 to learn more about us and our capabilities. We even have a state-of-the-art auto locksmith in our Baltimore office!