The state of Maryland states that delinquent debtors have 15 days to make arrangements to retrieve cars and trucks that have been repossessed. If they can’t or won’t settle up in time, lenders turn to Greenwood Recovery, Inc. to turn the property into cash. As a result, we regularly offer repossessed vehicles for sale at Baltimore-area auto auctions. Check out our latest list below, or contact us at (410) 383-8000 to learn more about our full-service approach to asset recovery. And don’t forget to check out our frequently asked questions!


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Not Just Repossessed Cars For Sale

Greenwood Recovery’s repossession services run the gamut; in addition to the expected cars and trucks, we are equipped to recover motorcycles and ATVs, boats and jet skis, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment, and even RVs as well. And because borrowers aren’t always good about providing a forwarding address, we also use state-of-the-art technology to locate the collateral — no matter where it is.

Unlike many of our competitors, Greenwood Recovery stores recovered assets in highly secure facilities to ensure that no damage occurs while the assets are in our possession. And when the client says it’s time, our auto remarketing division prepares the repossessed cars for sale with the assistance of our own licensed auto title service and in-house locksmith.

On The Block

Given our long history in Baltimore — not to mention the Greenwood family’s past ownership stake in two area auto auctions — we know what it takes to get top dollar for our clients. That’s one of the reasons we send a representative to the auction block every week along with our repossessed vehicles for sale; buyers appreciate getting an honest assessment of condition and other details, even if it boosts the price a bit.

Call the Greenwood Recovery experts today at (410) 383-8000 to discover why we are considered the premier collateral recovery service in a Mid-Atlantic region that includes Delaware, eastern Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.