The professionals at Greenwood Recovery, Inc. have decades of experience helping our consumer-lending clients locate and recover assets used as collateral for delinquent debt. Our certified staff is fully vetted, highly trained, and regularly briefed on the latest industry regulations.

Based in Baltimore, we serve a territory that includes the Mid-Atlantic region; Maryland; Delaware; Washington, D.C.; and northern Virginia. Contact us at (410) 383-8000 today to discuss how Greenwood Recovery can return value to your balance sheet.

Greenwood Recovery, Inc. Serves Business Across America

Collateral Repossession

Fully compliant with all Consumer Financial Protection Bureau standards, we are equipped to repossess virtually anything, including the following:

The first challenge in asset recovery is finding it. Greenwood Recovery uses state-of-the-art intelligence to locate and assess the condition of your collateral. Financial institutions in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond turn to us time and again because of our exceptional service and extraordinary results. Our certified drivers know the law and follow it to the letter, restoring legitimacy to an industry often tarnished by Hollywood theatrics.

Once we locate your property, we transport it to one of our highly secure storage facilities, which are surrounded with video cameras and electric fencing.

Asset Remarketing

Greenwood Recovery’s remarketing division handles the disposition of property for lenders authorized to sell the collateral to satisfy debt. In those instances, we prepare the item for sale, market it to potential buyers, and handle the transaction. Vehicles are sold at several auto auctions, for example, and we offer some property for sale online.

Additional details such as vehicle titling and rekeying are handled in-house by other Greenwood entities. In fact, our team includes an on-site locksmith capable of making and reprogramming the electronic transponders and proximity keys used in most new vehicles.

Full-Service Asset Recovery

As a recognized supplier to a number of leading financial institutions nationwide, Greenwood Recovery is proud to be the Mid-Atlantic’s premier collateral-recovery service. Since 1925, our Baltimore-based team has been setting the standards for repossession services. Our experienced professionals are committed and conscientious, keeping our clients’ interests at the forefront from the initial recovery order to the final liquidation check. Call (410) 383-8000 today to enlist the experts at Greenwood Recovery.