Finding and reclaiming the collateral that is backing a delinquent loan is one thing. Turning it into a positive number on the lender’s ledger is quite another. The professionals at Greenwood Recovery, Inc. in Baltimore can do it all — and we have for decades, providing expert repossession and auto remarketing services to financial institutions nationwide. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who count on us for cash by calling (410) 383-8000 today.

Greenwood Recovery serves a broad swath of the Mid-Atlantic region, including eastern Maryland, northern Virginia, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about us.

Full-Service Vehicle Remarketing See Our Inventory

There’s more to selling repossessed vehicles than shipping them off to auction. As one of the first repossession companies in Baltimore, Greenwood Recovery has learned that from experience. That’s why we also have a licensed auto title service and state-of-the-art car locksmith in our corporate family: When our clients’ property goes on the block at Bel Air Auto Auction, for example, it is ready to sell — and we send a representative along to ensure the price is right. Our remarketing manager is on-site at every weekly sale, answering questions, massaging the numbers, and working to get top dollar.

Loan, Don’t Own

When an asset-backed loan goes bad, our clients’ first concern is often locating the collateral and assessing its condition. Our licensed and insured repossession agents typically make quick work of that, transporting the recovered property to one of our secure storage facilities for processing while the lender and borrower talk business; but the job doesn’t end there. If the borrower doesn’t make arrangements to retrieve the property — usually a car, truck, or other motor vehicle — within the state-mandated 15-day redemption period, our vehicle remarketing division is often asked to sell it on our clients’ behalf; and we do, liquidating assets at auto auctions and returning value to their balance sheets.

Widely acknowledged as the Mid-Atlantic’s premier collateral recovery service, Greenwood Recovery is committed to maintaining only the highest standards of service. Our Baltimore-based staff is trained and certified by the American Recovery Association, and we are regularly briefed on the latest industry regulations. You can rest assured that our team is more than capable of efficiently handling all of your needs. Contact us at (410) 383-8000 to discuss how we can help with auto remarketing and more.